My body of work consists of various interconnected series where I explore the relationship between the will of the body and accident. It is during this connection, this interlude, that my objects are produced. A space opens up that is assumed to be experimental, a kind of game in the search for form, where answers are first manipulated and then perceived through observation. It’s something akin to a precipice, which ensures a shift in perspective and, consequently, the movement of the body towards more forms, which in turn bring more questions. The object that I apprehend is for me a receptacle of experiences that shape human existence. I observe the process, but also the surrounding reality and the body, accepting the answers and questions suggested in this game, which often are not perceived at first glance. Attention to the flesh is necessary.


In a home studio, the environment where I live and develop my research, these issues have been explored intensely and cathartically. The exhibition space comes afterwards, providing a reorganization of the work, an opening for more questions; inviting the audience to enter these receptacles, to play this game, and hopefully, to expand our fields of personal research.


Carolina Rocha, 2024

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